Drainage & Groundworks

DPI Building Services specialise in land drainage and garden drainage, as well as other drainage systems, drainage repairs, drain alterations and general groundworks. Offering free advice and quotations, we will come up with a cost effective solution for all of your drainage and groundworks needs.

Generally there are two types of drainage systems running away from your property – surface water and foul water. There are drains for the surface water also known as storm water drains which carry water from roofs, drives, roads and discharge into nearby rivers or streams.

Foul water drains also known as sewers, carry all of the waste water from your sinks, toilets, baths and appliances to sewage treatment works. In some areas where the drainage systems have not been updated, a combined drainage system is used which carries all foul and surface water to a sewage treatment plant.

Drainage is one of the most important parts of your home as the drainage system removes all of the waste water from your property. Generally we take drainage for granted and never check or maintain drains until there is a blockage, which may cause toilets to overflow or foul water leaching out of your man holes leaving a very unpleasant smell. If you have had a drain blockage on a regular basis, there will be a reason for this happening.


We can give solutions if have any of the problems listed below:

  • Water running towards your house or garden
  • Flooding on your property
  • Standing Water
  • Wet gardens
  • Cracked / Blocked drains
  • Needing some Drainage advice
  • Need advice about foundations, floor slabs or concrete work
  • Need drain alterations
  • Want to control garden flooding
  • Problems with groundwater and surface water

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